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So you’ve found a place, explored the city, and made some friends. And yet, you might still be searching for that feeling of home. Adaptation process is a tough one, especially if you’re here without your trusted personal support network. When you feel down, you may feel there’s little space to share it with your new friends here. Your friends and family back home may not understand what it is you’re ‘complaining’ about.

There’s a whole lot more of you, and the whole you is welcome! A human being with a full spectrum of feelings, strengths and vulnerabilities, and an amazing potential to grow into. You’re invited to this inner journey, to learn self-resilience, create a true connection, and come home to yourself.

Just as swimming we cannot learn from the book, essential life skills we cannot learn in isolation.

This group program is your safe training ground.

Our approach

  • Creative, body-/movement-based therapy

When words are not enough or have been enough: get out of the head, get into the body. When we let go and tuning our awareness into our whole experience (thoughts, feelings, sensations, actions), we kickstart a more integrative reflection and a deeper transformation.

  • Mindfulness practice adapted from the Plum Village community

In a committed community, everyone practices to be both their best version and at the same time accepting of their limitations. We practice no-nonsense skills  such as listening, taking care of our emotion, compassionate communication (even when we’re angry).

  • Science-based and at the same time experiential

Knowledge is power, and we’re sharing theories & research from e.g. (developmental) psychology, neuroplasticity, movement & nervous system, stress response (psychology & physiology), body connectivity patterns, to give context why what we do matter!

What we’ll do

  • Experience body- & movement-based perspectives of expat life themes (e.g. feeling at home, work/life balance, cultural adaptation, making connection),
  • Embody and share your story in a safe group and learn to accept yourself and others,
  • Practice non-judging & compassion towards towards yourself and others,
  • Play & connect with your group in movement (think of improvisation, physical game with a purpose).

What you’ll get

  • Hands-on tools to stay centered in yourself,
  • A deeper connection with yourself and others,
  • Belonging, acceptance in a community committed to wellbeing and thriving,
  • Feel more at ease and at home where you are,
  • “Task” for your daily self-practice aimed for self-care.


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