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Stress, Trauma & Resilience – Venture Café breakout session

Stress, Trauma & Resilience – Venture Café breakout session


October 11


05:30 pm - 06:30 pm

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The Expat Wellbeing Project

Website: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/the-expat-wellbeing-project-17761167928

Venture Café Rotterdam

45 Stationsplein, 3013 AK Rotterdam

Rotterdam, ZH, NL, 3013 AK

With the rise of global challenges of our age and time, more and more people are displaced from their roots. We are facing an adaptation process, amidst life pressures and culture of overstimulation. Stress and hidden traumas become a global issue that affects our personal lives. A stress-free life is impossible, but we can learn to be stress-resilient. Be welcome to this workshop and bring your questions too!

By joining this workshop, you will:

  • Get smarter about stress and your stress response,
  • Be aware of how it affects your total wellbeing (hint: chronic stress creates dis-ease),
  • Understand what trauma is and how it affects your ability to rest and recover from stress,
  • Learn different pathways to grow your resilience and thrive.

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