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Group Therapy (incl. bodymind, dance therapy, mindfulness)

Group Therapy (incl. bodymind, dance therapy, mindfulness)


February 22


06:30 pm - 08:30 pm

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The Expat Wellbeing Project

Website: https://www.eventbrite.nl/o/the-expat-wellbeing-project-17761167928

Codarts, University of the Arts

26 Kruisplein, 3012 CC Rotterdam

Rotterdam, ZH, NL, 3012 CC

These workshop series are part of The Expat Wellbeing Program – a comprehensive well-being program that has your mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing covered! Non-expats are welcome.

Themes we address are among others: self-awareness, a sense of connection & belonging, stress and boundaries, trauma (and how to heal through our body), giving & receiving support, non-judging (vs self-criticism).

Please fill out our welcome survey: https://goo.gl/forms/qDAPWjLXE80Iapol2  
You’ll receive an invitation for your Free tryout session. After the tryout, we both decide if this program is for you!

What we do in Group Therapy:
* Group check-in,
* Introduction & sharing of the theme (reflect on/connect with your personal story),
* Experiential exercises (individual, pair or group),
Embodying, non-verbal expression, exploration/ improvisation in movement and rhythm. It can be playful, fun, but can also be meditative, with goals e.g. developing self-/body-awareness, confronting fear, acknowledging emotional wound, releasing trauma, etc.
* Individual reflection (writing, drawing or dancing),
* Group sharing,
* Closure / check-out.

What you get:
* Hands-on, experiential and creative tools to understand & connect the theme with your personal life,
* A deeper awareness & empowerment of your thought/ behavior patterns, 
* A safe group to embody, express and reflect on your story, 
* A practice for acceptance and non-judging towards yourself and others,
* “Task” for your daily practice aimed towards self-care.

Questions/ more info?
Email irene@expat-wellbeing.nl, call 0641286722, or visit our website www.expat-wellbeing.nl

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