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Beyond surviving, there's so much more in this journey...

The Expat Wellbeing Project

Helping expats thrive in their new home base

What we are about

Empowering self-resilience in a creative, embodied & mindful way
Fostering real human connection in a compassionate community
Embracing our transition as an opportunity for personal growth

Upcoming activities

You’re invited to try out these activities to have a ‘taster’ experience of our wholesome program.

Feb 15
Dance Therapy Hour
Codarts, University of the Arts - 26 Kruisplein, 3012 CC Rotterdam
Feb 22
Group Therapy (incl. bodymind, dance therapy, mindfulness)
Codarts, University of the Arts - 26 Kruisplein, 3012 CC Rotterdam
Mar 08
Group Therapy (incl. bodymind, dance therapy, mindfulness)
Codarts, University of the Arts - 26 Kruisplein, 3012 CC Rotterdam

Your mission is ours too

“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;
and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”
― Maya Angelou

Whatever reason brought you in this country, you have made a courageous step to take on this adventure. Your resilience will carry you through this journey of making yourself home here.

However, we also understand that it's not always been easy as you navigate a new country with all its different systems, culture, language, and people! As much as you also do, we want you to thrive in your new home country.

Because, life is not about surviving. It's about thriving to be the best authentic YOU.

IS thriving your mission?

Here is how we can help:

Embodied mindfulness group training

Boost your body-mind awareness and use it right away for a more relaxed, focused and present living.

Experience-based group coaching

Learn and practice essential skills in a safe environment to nourish areas of life you want to grow in.

Offline Community & Buddy system

Apply what you learn in real human contact within the practice community & buddy system.

individual coaching trajectory

Laser-focused attention to your specific goal with an experienced coach by your side.

How does the program look like?

On a monthly basis what we’ll do are something like this. Your personalised program may differ.

Group coaching/ Therapy

Weekly contact

  • Hands-on & skill-based
  • Pragmatic & directly applicable
  • Play & connect with your group

individual coaching/ Therapy

by appointment

  • You bring in your question
  • Coaching that fits you best
  • By phone or face-to-face

"Task" Assignment

self-practice in your daily life

  • Integrated in your existing routine
  • Buddy / community support
  • Incl. free consultation hours

4-Steps to your wellbeing

Step 1 to 3 are free and non-binding. We want you to discover as much as possible about the program before we both commit in step 4.


Experience your first group session


Talk with us about your specific goals & situation


We offer you a personalised program


Your journey to thrive starts with us by your side

About The Project

The Expat Wellbeing Project is about helping expats and companies hiring them to commit to their wellbeing through personalized group and individual programs that integrate the mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing.

Our approach is creative, embodied & mindful, because we believe it’s the foundation on which healthy human-to-human connecting can happen – and no-nonsense science-based, because we value your intelligence and curious mind in discovering the interconnectedness of your own body-mind-emotion. We see body-mind-emotion not only as interrelated, but as an inseparable whole. We acknowledge your unique needs, by providing an accessible, tailor-made program that is responsive to your wellbeing as a whole person – mental, physical, emotional and social. 

Our program takes place in group as well as individual trajectory, guaranteed with professional confidentiality.

About Irene

The founder of this project is Irene Anggreeni, MA: a licensed dance therapist and mindfulness practitioner with intercultural and corporate experience. 

As a PhD in design engineering, having worked as software developer, I know first hand the pressure facing a highly skilled migrant which often leaves no space for anything else but work. My wake up call was an existential crisis, a painful gift that triggered my inner journey towards living fully. The start of this long journey was about stopping, slowing down… in the mindfulness practice with the Plum Village community. Already an avid lindyhopper, I have since re-discovered dance & movement as a way to connect with, accept and heal myself.

I founded this project to help expats and international companies hiring them to commit to their wellbeing, integrating the mental, emotional, social and physical. With my professional knowledge, life experience and passion, I facilitate a committed community for expats who want to transform their struggles into growth and their vulnerabilities into power.


I feel a sense of community and acceptance

I was nervous at first but Irene quickly put me at ease and I was able to open up and feel a sense of community and acceptance. As an expat this is very important to me. Highly recommended for everyone even if dancing isn’t your thing!

Kristina Whitha Kay

I learned to connect and interact with others

The workshop was very playful and there was a very nice free atmosphere… I had a very good time as I usually do my own thing and here I learned to connect and interact more with other people…

Krzysztof Damian

Irene invited us to be ourselves and have fun!

I got to connect with myself, others, and exercise at the same time. I was never able to meditate but I really like to dance, so I felt the combination of both activities really helped me. Irene invited us to be ourselves and have fun!

Thais Macieira

A safe environment to connect with ourself

Irene is a thoughtful leader who creates a safe environment for participants to connect with their own body, mind, and emotions. All you need to do is show up and you are guided the whole way through!

Elizabeth Fullen

Our Partners

.. from whom we’ve received much support to realise this project

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