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Key to making lasting change is practice and accountability. For this reason, you’ll receive a “task” after each workshop. You’ve gotta walk the walk, but the good news is you never walk alone. You’ll have a buddy that you can reach out to. Plus, you’re invited to bring your questions, challenges, problems, to our consultation hour.

Our approach is a blend of…

  • “Each one, teach one”

Non-transactional, pay-it-forward, community-sharing of knowledge and life experience. This will be facilitated during the weekly Wellbeing Coaching Hour.

  • Buddy system adapted from the mindfulness practice of the Plum Village community

You will have a buddy that you reach out to, to share your progress on your self-practice. If both you and your buddy face a challenge/problem, please don’t wait too long to get in contact with me.

Do: take care of yourself first, and respect boundaries of others. Don’t: give unsolicited advice/help.

What we’ll do

  • Focused discussion on your specific challenge/question,
  • Practice compassionate listening and speaking, and creating safety for yourself and others,
  • Practice giving and receiving support in attunement with yourself and others.

What you’ll get

  • Hands-on experiential tools to address your challenge/question,
  • Foundational mindfulness practice to deepen your connection with friends, family, community,
  • Sincere human connection that you can extend to people around you.

How and when

  • Self-practice integrated into your daily routine
  • Bring your questions/ challenges to the consultation hour
  • Buddy system

Get in touch

Questions about this self-practice part, comments, feedback? 

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