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Experiential Workshop (group therapy) – Expat Wellbeing Autumn 2018/2019

Experiential Workshop (group therapy) – Expat Wellbeing Autumn 2018/2019


Codarts, University of the Arts

26 Kruisplein, 3012 CC Rotterdam

Rotterdam, ZH, NL, 3012 CC

These workshop series are part of The Expat Wellbeing Program – a comprehensive well-being program that integrates the mental, emotional, social and physical. Non-expats are welcome.


19/10 Kick-off: Get to know yourself – already passed
Owning who you are with all your qualities, values, vulnerabilities, and Amazing-ness!

02/11 Stress and Boundaries
A stress-free life is impossible, so how can you learn to set your own boundaries?

16/11 Your Hero’s Journey pt 1
Acknowledging your fears and trials in life, setting direction to your path of growth

30/11 Trauma & First Steps towards Healing
What have you been ‘holding’ in that’s blocking your life? And that you wish to release in a safe way?

14/12 Your Hero’s Journey pt 2
Acknowledging the gifts from the important people in your life, creating fellowship and support in the here-and-now of your journey

15/01 Integration: Stress, Trauma & Resilience
Connecting the dots, how is it to grow resilience despite our daily stress/ trauma. Recap on theories, integrative reflection on your process, what you’ve learned and what you may still need.


What we’ll do:

* Group check-in,

* Introduction of the theme (you’ll get the theories and to reflect on/connect with your personal story),

* Experiential exercises (individual, pair or group),
Embodying, non-verbal expression, exploration/ improvisation in movement and rhythm. It can be playful, fun, but can also be meditative, with goals e.g. developing self-/body-awareness, confronting fear, acknowledging emotional wound, releasing trauma, etc.

* Individual reflection (writing, drawing or dancing),

* Group sharing,

* Closure / check-out.


You’ll get:

* Hands-on, experiential and creative tools to understand & connect the theme with your personal life,

* A deeper awareness & empowerment of your thought/ behavior patterns, 

* A safe group to embody, express and reflect on your story, 

* A practice for acceptance and non-judging towards yourself and others,

* “Task” for your daily practice aimed towards self-care.


Questions/ more info?

Email irene@expat-wellbeing.nl, call 0641286722, or visit our website www.expat-wellbeing.nl

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