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Dance Therapy Hour

Dance Therapy Hour


February 15


06:30 pm - 07:30 pm

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The Expat Wellbeing Project

Website: https://www.eventbrite.nl/o/the-expat-wellbeing-project-17761167928

Codarts, University of the Arts

26 Kruisplein, 3012 CC Rotterdam

Rotterdam, ZH, NL, 3012 CC

Do you sometimes feel stuck in life? Going in circles, and not forward?
How would you feel if you have other options? If you can empower yourself by exercising those options available to you?  
Dance, improvisation, movement, body-awareness is how we can embody these options in the here and now. Not only you feel good and recharged afterward, it’s also literally rewiring your brain (yay! neuroplasticity). Dancing makes you smarter, and happier too!
So in this hour, we revisit our movement patterns and how these are reflective of our attitude in life. We allow inner themes to be expressed in movement. Get the mind off the way, and reconnect with our body and feelings.

All level of experience is welcome.

Please fill out our signup survey: https://goo.gl/forms/3pSEN4Y8ESHzqFZD2
You’ll receive a confirmation for your Free tryout session.

What we do in Dance Therapy Hour:

– Understand & (re)experience our body connectivity patterns to reflect on our state of being,
– Explore our natural movement patterns and from there, expand our movement vocabularies,
– Practice awareness & improvisation using our non-verbal, expressive, movement qualities.

What You get:
– Increased body awareness, incl. activation & relaxation, exertion & recuperation,
– Movement-based tools for grounding yourself and self-recovery from stress,
– More creativity and expressive qualities to apply in your daily life (think e.g. assertiveness, presence, self-confidence, self-care).

Good to know:
The Dance Therapy Hours are offered as part of The Expat Wellbeing Program – a comprehensive well-being program that has your mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing covered! Non-expats are welcome.
To get the full benefit for yourself, consider joining our program, which also includes Group Therapy & Group Consultation. 

Questions/ more info?
Email irene@expat-wellbeing.nl, call 0641286722, or visit our website www.expat-wellbeing.nl

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